2008-12-29 Cold morning

White frost on the mailbox when I went out to fetch the paper. Got to have some breakfast. Hm...

2008-12-28 Sixteen hundred hours

Afternoon. Tried to communicate with my daughters new salamander. I don´t think he understood anything.

2008-12-25 Christmas day Evening

Nobody feels for cooking. The solution - pizza. Orion pizzeria in Hässelby.

2008-12-25 Christmas day Morning

Annika (my wife) is working at the stable. Wille (my son) is lost in Cyberspace. Took a walk with Ester (my daughter).

2008-12-24 Christmas eve The street food stand

2008-12-23 Night

2008-12-23 Morning

Per Ekström well-remembered.

2008-12-22 Evening

Got some fuel at the closed down gas station.

2008-12-22 Morning

The pig on the red lamp.

2008-12-21 SUN-day morning in Hässelby

Today is the day when the sun stops moving away from us. Here in Hässelby it is also the first day the sun shows up after weeks of rain and darkness.